I am currently a software engineer at Microsoft. At Microsoft, I am a part of the team that works on Azure Boost and I develop and maintain the automated security infrastructure that allows the team to detect, triage, patch, and track vulnerabilities within our SLAs. I also oversee and lead the rotation and process to resolve vulenrabilities and developed the procedure for our team.

I was a student at at the University of Washington majoring in Computer Science. Specifically, I am enrolled in their Combined BS/MS Program, an accelerated program in which I recieved my Masters’ degree in the Spring of 2019. As a student I have taken numerous courses on a broad range of topics in computer science and have developed some programs as side projects as well.

My main interests in computer science are machine learning and data science, but I am also knowledable in other domains like databases, security, networks, and programming languages. I am to contribute to the field of machine learning and hope to make meaningful contributions to the development of machine learning mechanisms like neural networks, transformer models, and more. I mainly program in Java, SQL, Python, and C, though I have also experimented with Rust.

Aside from computer science, I also play the clarinet. I currently play for the Bellevue Community Band and used to play for UW’s Symphonic Band. I was also a member of the ASUW Student Senate, being the former chair on the Committee on Academic and Administrative Affairs.

You may contact me through email at the address listed in the footer of this website.